How To Organize and Clean Your Fridge


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Organizing and Cleaning Your Fridge

With Thanksgiving around the corner, it’s time to make some space in your fridge! And, while you’re at it, it’s worth making sure it’s organized and clean too. Check out our top tips and products to achieve the fridge of your dreams:

1. It may seem obvious, but throw out any items that are past their expiration date! Not only do they cause bad odors, they also clutter the space. Pro tip: crack open a carton of baking soda and leave it in the fridge to get rid of any smells. 
2. Wipe down every surface. It’s safe to assume this doesn’t happen frequently so take the opportunity to get it done while you’re already clearing everything out.
3. Storage bins can also be used in the refrigerator! Ones with handles are accessible for people of all ages. We recommend storing newer items at the back, ensuring the ones closer to expiry are more visible, so you remember to use them. Not only will this cut down on waste, you’ll save some cash, too!

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