Organizing Your Mudroom

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Time to take the ‘mud’ out of mudroom!

Oftentimes, a mudroom is the first thing you and guests will see when entering a home—and you know what they say about first impressions! To make the right one, here are some unique organizational ideas.

1. Use closed storage
Although boots are functional, they aren’t always the most attractiveespecially when muddy. Same goes for rain coats, windbreakers and more. To hide less aesthetically pleasing items, incorporate closed storage such as cubbies or boxes, into the room.

We love these ones 

2. Use bench seating
Not only is a bench functional for sitting down and lacing up your running shoes, it can also double as a shelf! Use it to store smaller items like shoes, skates and dog accessories.
3. Vertical space is a bonus
Take advantage of the space that your walls provide. Instead of hangers, use hooks. You can also install high shelving to store out-of-season items or specialty items that are used less regularly. These spaces can also double as places to display decor, like paintings or flower pots. 

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