Swapping Winter for Summer in Your Closet and Beyond

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Why is spring the season of cleaning? Well, it’s conveniently nestled between the item-heavy, accumulation period of winter and the lighter more laissez-faire approach to summer.  As we move into warmer months, it’s time to ditch the heavy coats, skis and boots and swap them out for summer accessories. Here’s how.
1. Do an edit

We can’t say this enough. Decluttering is the key to a more harmonious household. While removing winter items from your closet, consider the pieces you really wear. Those ski boots your kids outgrew years ago? Donate. That sweater that’s a bit worn for wear? Donate. This will leave storage room for the items you really wear and enjoy. Do the same for your summer accessories when swapping out.
2. Have an organizational system
There are many ways to organize items—color, fabric, or weight – are  good basic categories to begin with. Choose a method that speaks to you. As professional organizers, we suggest first storing similar items together, like bathing suits, or dresses, so you can find what you’re looking for easily.
3. Keep certain items in your closet
Swapping out clothing can be a big task. To save time, give your closet a permanent space for transitional items. This can be anything from T-shirts that can be styled as-is in summer and layered in winter, or jeans, work shirts, and blazers—anything that you feel can be worn throughout various seasons!

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