Why Decluttering is Good for Your Mental Health

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There’s a deeper reason to why “declutter, declutter, declutter!” is our mantra. Getting rid of extra stuff that is no longer needed not only clears physical space, but mental space too. Read on to discover why decluttering is beneficial for your mental health:

1. Better focus

If your home is untidy and teeming with things you no longer need, studies show that this affects your capacity to think clearly. When you remove the distraction of visual clutter, you can better focus on your daily tasks.

2. Higher Self-Esteem
Having a clean, organized home is shown to improve self-esteem, as a cluttered house can make people feel out of control. Decluttering and getting rid of things may be hard, but doing so is an act of self care that restores agency.

3. Better relationships
Oftentimes, domestic disputes revolve around mess. Working with your partner or housemate to remove clutter together can actually be a bonding experience!

4. Improved quality of life
It’s easier to cook a delicious meal in a clean kitchen, sleep in a tidy room and relax in a harmonious living room. When it comes to decluttering, start small, and then work your way to bigger things and spaces. Your brain will thank you.

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