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Garden and shed, two things that go hand-in-hand. To keep a neat and tidy garden, your shed should set the example—with organized tools and minimal clutter. Bonus points if it looks nice, too! Here’s how:
1. Sort it out
First things first: go through each and every item in your shed and donate/toss any you don’t need. Weeder no.5? Goodbye. A rake that’s more rust than rake? Trash. While some gardening tools may be small, they still can accumulate and cause clutter. Once everything has been sorted, make an inventory list .This will help you avoid buying another set of screws, hedge clippers and diggers that you may already have.
2. Hang it up
Wow, now you have so much more space! But you can do even better by utilizing your walls. Placing nails or hooks strategically allows tools to be hung—which is a big help when you need to grab something quickly without having to search for it. You can also install shelves and shelving units which will make your shed look cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing.
3. Decorate!
Once you’ve decluttered and organized, the final step in creating your ultimate garden shed can begin! Painting and decorating your shed (she-sheds are the new man caves!) can be a fun summer activity.
Here are some ideas:
Hang cute signs
Attach hanging flowers, install flowerpots or plant climbing ivy
Install an ornate gate around it
Guard it with some sculptures
Install a window
Paint the walls (exterior and interior!)

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