Summer Space Saving Hacks

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Like every season, summer comes with its own set of accessories – be that BBQ tools, garden hoses, or lawn equipment. And, since summer is the time for relaxation, we think it shouldn’t be spent trying to search your home, garage and shed for seasonal items. Luckily, we have some space-saving organizational tips to help you out!
1. Garden hoses
Super necessary, but super tangle-able! If your home doesn’t already have a hose wall rack, you can easily DIY one. For example, you can mount three spools that may be collecting dust in your shed and attach them to your outdoor wall. If not, any empty tub – an old metal pail or tire – is the perfect vessel to store a coiled hose.
2. Garden tools
If you have a shed, utilize that space to store garden tools. Make a DIY ‘hanging wall’ by placing nails or hooks strategically to hold rakes, spades, tillers and pruning shears. This not only saves valuable floor space, it makes it easy to see which tools you need at a glance. If you don’t have a shed, you can also do this on an outdoor wall with larger pieces and store smaller items in a designated chest.
3. BBQ tools
Nothing says summer like a good, old fashioned BBQ! Consider designating a specific area in your garden or on the patio for cooking accessories, which ideally should be next to your grill. For example, having a hanging panel (a magnetic one is a great idea) allows you to store accessories like tongs and spatulas easily—so you can focus on the grilling! For more delicate accessories like meat thermometers, use a divided box or metal crate.

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