Poolside Organizing

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It’s officially summer (at least according to the weather)! And if you’re dying for a dip in the pool, but don’t want to spend hours dealing with the cleanup afterwards, let us bring some order to your life with these great organizing tips:

1. No wet floors!

Designate a specific, outdoor space for children to hang their wet swimsuits and towels after they’ve dried off and changed into regular clothes. This can be a simple rack, hooks fixed onto your outdoor walls, or a clothesline. A rug or mat near the back entrance can help too. Having an area for wet items means less mess in the home!
2. Divide items by size
Smaller pool items and accessories, like goggles, bathing caps, and small pool toys should be stored together. A designated, labelled storage box or bin in a shed or on the patio should do just the trick. Larger pieces like noodles or floats can be stored in the shed.
3. Keep swimsuits in top shape
There’s a right way to store your swimsuits in order to keep them looking fresh. Carefully wash them; after swimming in chlorine, hand wash the item in a sink or bath with mild soap, then air dry. Once dry, lay items flat and store on a closet shelf in the summer, or a garment bag in the winter. Avoid storing in plastic as this can lead to mildew buildup.

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