Swapping Winter for Summer Sports Equipment

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With summer fast approaching, it’s time to swap out those skis for badminton rackets and hockey pucks for soccer balls! Although unboxing and storing sports equipment can seem daunting, we’ve got some easy ways to tackle it. 

1. Use the same storage for similar-shaped items
If you use wall mounts, hooks or rods to store larger items like rackets or baseball bats, use the same ones to store similar shaped items, like skis. We suggest storing smaller items in baskets or plastic boxes so they don’t cause clutter.
2. Labels are your friend
We can’t say this enough—label everything! If you want your storage items to be multipurpose and not limited to a single sport or season, you can label them with words like “balls”, or “clothing” in order to make both packing and unpacking items that much easier.
3. Optimize your space
We know sports equipment can take up a lot of space, so optimize it as best you can. Don’t have a roomy garage to store items? Use the ceiling and all accessible wall space—lots of items can be hung or mounted, especially bulky pieces like fishing rods or skis. 

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