The Best Welcome Mats for the Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us, which means you’ll be welcoming friends and family into your home. Make the right first impression with these festive holiday mats—for whichever occasion you may be celebrating!
1. Christmas mats
Picture this: relatives walking up to your door, holding presents and delicious food aplenty. Before the door opens to reveal your marvelous decorations and the smell of your delectable Christmas dinner, they get their first dose of holiday charm with one of these welcome mats.

Replicating a Christmas sweater, this mat is both fun and vibrant!

Christmas + dogs = a winning combination. This cute mat will let everyone know you’ve been visited by the magical Christmas dachshund!

For something a little more subdued, this elegant mat packs just as much Christmas cheer!

2. Chanukah
Honor the Festival of Lights with some bright, warm decoration pieces. These mats will make guests feel instantly at home—because when it comes to festivities and making people feel welcome, sometimes it truly is the little things that count!
The most stylish way to say “shalom”, this mat’s gold and black color tone make an elegant first impression.

More traditional in color scheme and imagery, this mat is a classic, yet dynamic complement to your mezuzah.

For those who prefer a more personal touch, this cheerful mat can be customized with a text of your choice!

3. General holiday cheer
Looking for a more generally festive mat? These certainly do the trick!

A beautiful plaid backdrop with an equally beautiful snowflake. A simple, yet standout mat.

Minimal, elegant and with a sweet message. This mat is for the snow lovers!

What other word could encapsulate the holiday spirit? Joy. Display this mat proudly on your doorstep.

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