Decorations and Centerpieces That Will Get You in The Holiday Spirit


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Whether you’re planning on having a large dinner party or just spending time with immediate family, you’re probably interested in decorating accordingly.  Whether you’re interested in fresh flowers, extravagant centerpieces, or just some simple placemats, we have some tips and tricks for you.

1. Identify your taste and what you are looking for.  Are you looking for minimalist decor, or do you want something eye-catching?  Once you can decide what it is you’re looking for, you can begin to narrow your search.  

2.  If you’re looking for minimal decor, focus on more neutral colors.  You can make an impact with a limited color palette.  Focus on essentials such as placemats, napkins and cutlery.  You can make them as cute as you want while still sticking with white, black, brown and beige colors and prints.  These placemats from Wayfair are completely neutral but have interesting details.

3.  Looking for a full-size cornucopia?  We’ve got you covered.  This one also from Wayfair adds some much needed punch to your dining area.  Pair with an embroidered table runner to complete the look.  Sometimes more is more!

4.  If you fall somewhere in between wanting a minimalist look and wanting a full Autumn spread, we at 123organize highly recommend slowly introducing in more muted colors.  Bright placemats that come in a deeper orange like these stray from basic neutrals but don’t commit you to any bright or shocking colors.  Pair with a simple vase of sunflowers to get a beautiful but not over-the-top effect.

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